Marc Arevalo graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2005 receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Photography. While in university he co-founded the Exposure Photography Club, where he served as Vice President and Media Coordinator.


   During his last year at UTSA he completed an internship in Studio/Exhibition Practices at the internationally renowned Artpace in San Antonio. In the course of his internship he was appointed to assist acclaimed visual artist Wangechi Mutu in the development and production of a new project to be exhibited. Arevalo shot and co-edited Mutu's performance video which was the principle element of her show. He also assisted in the development and logistics of the exhibition.


   Arevalo's work has been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions at prestigious galleries including the Arbor Art House, Red Square Gallery, Alameda Theater Gallery, Stella Haus Art Space, SoHo Wine and Martini Bar and Armon Art Studios. It was not until his controversial Victorian Vengeance series however, that his unique photographic style received the attention that it so deserves. 


    In 2006, Arevalo immersed himself in the world of film for the Academy Award-winning production "There Will Be Blood" starring Daniel Day Lewis. Arevalo was credited for his work in the Locations Department.

He is a frequent contributer for several publications like Out In SA Magazine, San Antonio Current, and MD Monthly.



ExPC Exhibition @ Cactus Bra Gallery


Graduate Exhibition @ The Blue Star Mill Space


"Victorian Vengeance" @ Armon Art Studio


"Victorian Vengeance" @ SoHo Bar


"Vivo/Alive" @ The Alameda Gallery by Smithsonian


"Radiant" @ Stella Haus Art Space


"Chevalerie is Ceci" @ Red Square Gallery


"Art for a Cure" @ Red Square Gallery


"Misterios de la Vida" @ aLoft


"Western Fantasies" @ Arbor Art House


"PopRotica" @ Red Square Gallery


"The Easter Show"  @ Arbor Art House